Friday, February 1, 2008

Congratulations Melissa & Shane

Altadena, California
Melissa and Shane were married on a sunny afternoon at the beautiful Altadena Town & Country Club. They chose not to see each other before the ceremony so they sneaked away for a few minutes afterwards for some photos.

The colors the couple chose for their reception and flowers fit the room perfectly. The tables were elegantly dressed with shimmery celadon overlays topped with beautiful orchid and purple flower centerpieces. The florist did an incredible job putting it all together.

The striking bouquet.

The bridesmaids wore brown strapless dresses but they each chose different heels for the occasion.

Everyone is a little anxious for the ceremony to start.

Melissa peers out the window.

I do!

The first of many dances as husband and wife.

It took a while, but the bridal party got everyone up & grooving.

Then it was time for the Dollar Dance.

Look at all the guys lined up to dance with Melissa!

Shane's line was pretty long, too.

But everyone patiently waited her turn.

Thank you Melissa and Shane! We loved photographing your wedding. And thank you to the Altadena Town & Country Club which put together a wonderful day and for the yummy dinner!

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