Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ghosts of Hollywood Past

Hollywood, California
Our friends Kim and Denise were visiting so we decided to see a movie at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Guess which movie? Click on comments at the bottom of this post and add your guess. First three correct answers win a prize. Bonus prize if you also identify the director.


  1. Is it Vertigo produced by Alfred Hitchcock?

    smuah on the chittie lounge

  2. Movie guess:
    Alfred Hitchcock - Rear Window?

    - moonlight

  3. North By Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock?


  4. Smuah's last guess

    Dial M for Murder by Alfred Hitchcock

  5. Getting closer.. Phone calls were an important part of this movie.

    But the blonde actress is not Grace Kelly, although her first and last names do have three syllables total.

  6. And the director is correct. How did you all guess it's a Hitchcock movie? I'm impressed.

  7. Vetigo was my second guess.

    Total guess - The man who knew too much? I am pretty sure that is Doris Day.


  8. Yup, moonlight. It's The Man Who Knew Too Much, all right. :)

    -- Kiddoc

  9. Hmm I can see why it looks a little bit like Vertigo -- it's Doris Day's suit isn't it?

    Well the answer is..... drumroll please.....

    The Man Who Knew Too Much

    This was never my favorite Hitchcock movie ( & I love his movies & shorts) but seeing it on the big screen made such a difference. The tension really hit home.

    So moonlight & Kiddoc are the winners :) I think smuah deserves a prize too for guessing the director and naming every other Hitchcock movie with Jimmy Stewart.