Thursday, October 30, 2008

Reflections on Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada
We're back from our shoot in Sin City! Las Vegas Boulevard is one big fantasy, reflecting a vision of glitz and glamour and gold, or in this case reflecting Mike and me.

I love the aquarium in Caesars Palace. Only the statue's head is swimming with the fishes, everything else is just a reflection in the glass.

Reflections are fun, but not always desirable in a photograph. I didn't want anything detracting from these colorful fish.

Here's the view from the hotel window.

I could have turned the lights off inside to lose the reflection, but I decided to take a photo through the sheer curtain instead for a different look.

Here's the mirror again from the first photo. You could say this post has come full circle. I know my friend Melody would enjoy the pun.

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