Saturday, December 13, 2008

Everyone Knows It's Windy

Los Angeles, California
Coming from Chicago, one of the first things I noticed about living in LA is that it's never windy. Well almost never. Today is windy. The last time I remember it being this windy was about a year ago when I was living in Leimert Park. It was so windy, a huge tree was knocked over, ripping up the sidewalk as it fell.

That little guy on the left hand side of the tree is Michael, who is really not so little at 6'3".

The entire sidewalk is covered in branches and leaves. It looks like an enchanted forest, hiding magical creatures, maybe elves or Alice in Wonderland's rabbit.

Who says there's no weather here?


  1. I took some of the same pictures last year - check them out and tell us about your photog business -