Friday, March 13, 2009

Royal Cats

San Pedro, California
Yesterday I was scouting a location for an engagement shoot. The bride-to-be Claudia said she'd like to shoot at Royal Palms County Beach in San Pedro. The late afternoon sun bathed the rocks in pure gold.

As I was walking around I suddenly found myself surrounded by cats. I guess there's a feral cat colony here.

Here's looking at you, kid!


  1. Beauitful pictures..
    This is on the same street as our house (Paseo del Mar)...Royal Palms has some great photo ops! Beautiful scenery! and love the kitties
    =) Cicely

  2. Hi Cicely!!! I thought the address looked familiar! The cats were super cute although a few of them looked like they had been in one too many fights.

  3. hey's JRB.

    i have never looked at your blog before bit this cat pic is gorgeous. all of your shots are! you are very talented! i am bookmarking this now!

    hope all is well! Keri