Sunday, May 31, 2009

Where's Polka???

This last month was crazy busy, lots of shoots, some farther away from home. Can you guess where I went? This photo is a clue.

First person to leave a comment with the correct city name wins. Extra prize if you correctly identify what this lion guards.

And no cheating - so if I already told you where I was you're not eligible for the prize.


  1. Can I take a crack at it?

  2. Smuah --- I think it's too easy for you :)

  3. Of course I want to say Chicago and the Art Institute, but I believe there would be a building in the background.

    So... NYC?

  4. Roxana&ClaudiuJune 1, 2009 at 9:12 PM

    It is definetly in Chicago at the Art Institute of Chicago....on S. Michigan Ave.The lion guards one of the museum entrances either the south or the north gate, because there is one lion at each entrance.
    Looking forward to the prize..Love, Roxana & Claudiu

  5. Ola, mi to się kojarzy jedynie z Chicago i lwami przed Art Institute, ale to pewnie dlatego ze poza tym nie znam dobrze zadnego miasta w USA :-)
    Pozdrawiam Cie goraco.
    Przeslij calusy dla Melanie.

  6. It's Chicago & the Art Institute!

    Melanie - I took the photo more from the side and looking up so the museum wasn't in the shot. I'm sneaky that way ;)

  7. Its Simba!!! Lion KIng! DUH! Everyone knows that!

  8. Hurrayyyyy...WE WON!!!!...Thank you Aleks?> when do we get our prize..???looking forward to it!!!