Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Postcards from Playa: Grunion Run

Playa del Rey, California
Who doesn't enjoy a good day day at the beach? Or a good night. Even the fish come out to play in Playa. In the summer nights, grunions spawn on the beaches of California and Baja during high tide.

Michael and I take a walk to see if we could find some grunions on our local beach. We find a few other people searching for grunions with their flashlights. But no grunions.

We walk, and look, and walk, and look some more. Finally, we see some fast-moving silver creatures right at the wave's edge.

beach grunion run night Playa del Rey California.

I don't want to use my flash so I take some photos with the flashlight lighting the fish.

Ready for her close-up.

Then off she goes.

Bye, bye grunions.

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