Friday, November 19, 2010

Encore! Lady in Red

For this weeks Encore! I'd like to share a photo taken by Polka Photos' awesome second photographer Michael Gonzalez. Michael comes with me to most of my full-day weddings and I love working alongside him. It's also a nice perk for the bride and groom to have some wedding photos taken from a different perspective. Michael took this photo of the bride's sister at Ester and Keith's wedding reception.

wedding, photographer, Los Angeles

P.S. This is my new blog series called Encore!

When I blog about a wedding or portrait session, I try to arrange all the photos to tell a story. Sometimes great photos don't quite fit. Encore! will feature one (or two!) of those photos every Friday.


  1. Very interesting shot and processing, the heavy grain works well here.

  2. Thanks! It was literally a shot in the dark, and I'm glad it worked out.